About darcy Quinn

As a teenager Darcy was an enthusiastic artist, constantly drawing, until a series of discouragements and serious life changes led to them unfortunately quitting this pursuit. As an adult Darcy has now rekindled their love of art and has been working hard for the last few months to learn about art practice and theory. The result is an art process that is ever-improving and a passion for experimenting with art styles and mediums.


  • 2010-2012: advanced art class as a high school senior, 80% (12 points in German system, converts to A- in American system) on final graduation exam
  • from 2014: owner of riotcakes, designing queer and feminist products in a variety of categories
  • 2018: created a zine filled with 30 drawn mixed media portraits of non-binary people
  • from 2018/2019: beginning of self-taught art education with self-made curriculum of theory, practice, art courses (at various art and education institutions) as well as study trips (e.g. to Birmingham (UK), Berlin, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam in 2019)
  • 22.3. - 12.08.2019: exhibition of portraits from 'Life Beyond the Binary' zine in the Andersraum in Hannover
  • 2019: attended introductory workshop on 3D-modelling


Welcome to my website. I hope you have a smashing stay!

Ey up! I'm Darcy, the creator and owner of riotcakes.

My business was founded to make the world a brighter place and help dismantle oppression. With cute, colourful and positive products for LGBTQ* people and feminists I focus on the topics where I can make the most impact. Everyone has the capacity to do good inside of them and I strive to make my business the place where people can always find some positivity, validation and empowerment.

Photo of Darcy, founder of riotcakes

This business is entirely run by me, from creating the designs and running the website to marketing and packaging orders, and it means everything to me. I'm a queer feminist introverted anxious nerd doing their best to spread positivity and show that there's good worth fighting for. Whenever you buy something from my shop, you are supporting my dream. 

riotcakes About Page : my colourful desk and workspace
riotcakes About Page - my workspace with my filofax planner and a Bisexual Rainbow Pride mug
riotcakes About Page: my workspace with my planner, a pouch with unicorns on and my Bisexual Rainbow Pride mug

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