Shipping Prices. Stickers ship to Germany for 0,70€ and internationally 0,90€. Buttons ship to Germany for 0,85€ and internationally 1,50€. Jewellery, pins, and notepads ship to Germany for 1,45€ and internationally 3,70€.

These are my shipping estimates:

  • Shipping to Germany: up to one week
  • Shipping to Great Britain: approx. 1 - 2 weeks
  • Shipping within Europe: approx. 1 - 2 weeks
  • Shipping to the United States of America: approx. 2 - 4 weeks
  • Shipping to Canada: approx. 2 - 4 weeks
  • Shipping to Australia: approx. 3 - 4 weeks
  • Shipping to other countries: 2 - 4 weeks

My items ship worldwide. During busy times (like 1 - 2 months before Christmas) shipping can take around two weeks longer. Orders are shipped within 3-10 business days.

When buying multiple items the shipping of the item with the highest shipping cost will be charged. These prices are for single or small quantities of items. For larger quantities please put the items in your cart and calculate the shipping cost at checkout. Thank you for visiting the riotcakes shop!