Dismantle Oppression Social Justice Button

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Product Description

This button is 37mm (1,45") in diameter and has a little safety pin at the back.


This button is an excellent gift for yourself, your friends, or anyone who shares your ideals. It'll make anyone's outfit super cute and rad - as in radical!


This button is here to protest some major forms of oppression and discrimination that exist today: classism, racism, ableism, transmisia ("misia" meaning hatred rather than the misleading suffix "phobia" which should be reserved for legitimate illnesses rather than bigotry), homomisia, islamomisia, fatmisia, misogyny, ageism, bigotry, xenomisia, and antisemitism.⠀

This is based on my knowledge and experience of Western society and is therefore not perfect and is never going to be totally complete, but I tried my best to make sure it covers a large chunk of them.

If you want that super cute and radical look, add this cutie to your cart and maybe share it with your friends on social media!



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WARNING: This item contains a sharp needle and is therefore unsuitable for children ages 3 and under.

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