Pronoun Checkbox Rainbow Button • They / She / He / Free Space

Your choice to pick which pronouns to check!

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Product Description

These buttons are 37mm (1,45") in diameter and have a little safety pin at the back. Choose from the drop down menu either the button with three pronoun options (they, she, he) or the button with those three options plus an additonal empty space to write pronouns besides they, she and he.


With the help of a non-permanent felt-tipped marker (like the one pictured, not included in your purchase) you can check one of the boxes and write out pronouns onto the button surface. You can then with a dampened cloth wipe them away and write/check new ones whenever you like! Perfect for anyone especially who likes to switch up their pronouns as well as people who use more than one pronoun.


This button is an excellent gift for your friends, family or even yourself. It'll make anyone's outfit super cute and rad - as in radical!



Use a felt-tipped marker otherwise you might scratch and damage the surface of the button. Don't get the button drenched in water when wiping off the marker, it may damage the design. Just a dampened cloth and gentle wiping will do.

If you want that super cute and radical look, add this cutie to your cart and maybe share it with your friends on social media!


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WARNING: This item contains a sharp needle and is therefore unsuitable for children ages 3 and under.

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