"Life Beyond The Binary" Non-Binary Portrait Zine & Stickers

by Darcy Quinn

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Product Description

The zine includes 30 portraits of non-binary people who volunteered to be drawn. 


The portraits were also made into a sticker set including five stickers featuring the zine cover and the phrases "there is no wrong way to look non-binary" and "there are way more than two genders". You can stick these stickers around lots of places to spread positive non-binary awareness.


This zine is A5 and it is printed professionally onto glossy paper.


The zine makes an excellent gift for yourself or your LGBTQ* friends and family.




About the zine

What does ‘non-binary’ look like? “Life Beyond the Binary”, my most recent project, explores this question. Dismayed by the lack of representation of non-binary individuals like myself, I opened up applications for non-binary people to take part in a portrait zine. The zine is filled with 30 portraits, all drawn by me, to show the many faces of life outside of the binary. Each portrait is accompanied by a short bio text written by the participants themselves. This zine offers a unique perspective that depicts non-binary people authentically, in their own words, through the artistic expression of someone who shares this identity. Applications were open to anyone who identifies as part of the non-binary umbrella. Especially encouraged to apply were further marginalised identities, like people of colour, as well as people who are disabled, neurodivergent, autistic, fat, or otherwise underrepresented.


The zine was created to show that non-binary people not only exist, but that they come in all shapes and sizes, from many places, and with all kinds of interests. I myself am white and very privileged because of that, which made it all the more important for me to communicate with my participants to ensure I am depicting them in a way that honours them.




Of course no 30 portraits are ever going to be able to represent an entire community. This is just a small insight into a community severely lacking representation and positive awareness. When people do become aware of non-binary people, they are often presented with a homogeneous image of generally white, skinny, straight-shaped, able-bodied, androgynous people. But non-binary people are as diverse as humanity – there is no wrong way to ‘look’ non-binary because non-binary is not a look, it is a lived identity and experience.

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